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League Standings (Please Read Carefully)

Posted Sat Sep 26, 2015 - 02:26 PM

In regards to the standings, this is a third party site that the CMAFL has no control over and cannot change the setting to reflect the standings accurately. A new ruling for this season will see the tie breaker of standings as such; in the event of a tie, seedings will be placed in reference to the "Points Allowed" and no longer the "Point Differencial". Example: if there is one or more teams with the same record (i.e. 3-3), the team with the fewest "Points Allowed" will be placed higher in the standings. It will not reflect on this site because we, the Chief Morris Antelope Football League, have no control over the settings to make these changes. We apologize for any of the confusion this may cause, but we have made a suggestion to Redzone Leagues to make this a feature on the site.

If you need more clarification on this, please contact the CMAFL offices: 208-686-9355 x 509 or x 506; or you can email the league director at


New & Revised Rulings

Posted Thu Aug 20, 2015 - 05:35 PM

1) Only 5 defenders are allowed to cross the line of scrimmage, unless a runner is attempting to advance the ball.
2) No defender can rush the "A" gap between the center and guard except the defenders on the defensive line. (i.e. no linebackers or defensive backs)
3) The weight limit for rushing the ball in Division I, Pee-Wee, has been raised from 90lbs to 100lbs, Single Stripe are 101lbs to 125lbs, and Double Stripers are 126lbs to 140lbs.

Officials are being asked to pay close attention to the rule regarding on-field coaching. Coaches that are on the field are not allowed to interfere with play in progress. Any coach found in violation to this ruling will be asked to return to the sideline for the remainder of the game. The offending team will be assessed a 15 yard penalty on the ensuing play. Any coach that does not cooperate will be asked to leave the field. Any coach that is ejected from the game is automatically suspended from being on the field or sideline in the next game. He/she may attend practice but will not be allowed to be on the field or sideline for the following game. Interference with play in progress includes but is not limited to yelling, the direction a ball carrier is going, telling a defender who has the ball and what direction they are running toward, telling a ball carrier which way to run with the ball, yelling to the quarterback when a defender is near. If an official feels that a coach is in violation of interfering with play in progress, that coach is being asked to comply with the ruling.

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